Jackson Shines In Tigers Win…..

Edwin Jackson pitched 7.1 innings of dominate baseball to get his first win as a Detroit Tiger, and got the Tigers in the win column with a 3-1 win over Toronto.

I guess thats what I could’ve said if Jim Leyland had a brain. Or if we didn’t HAVE to change pitchers, just to CHANGE them. Jackson was in total control, but i guess since he gave up a single in the 8th inning, it was time to pull him. WHY?? I know I’m old-school, but can’t Jackson just pitch the whole game??? He had only thrown 80 pitches when Leyland pulled him. Which led to a 5-4 gut wrenching loss.

This whole set-up man, middle man, closer thing just doesn’t sit well with me. If a guy is crusin along, LET HIM FINISH THE GAME!!!

I love the Tigers, but I’m not sure what to make of this team, especially Justin Verlander. This guy is supposed to be the ace, and he hasn’t put together any kind of back to back pitching performances in almost 2 years. I mean last year he got HAMMERED in some games, and the 2009 opener was down right aweful.

We are 0-2. That’s all. 160 games to go. So why am I worried already??? 

George Kell…1922-2009

 It’s a sad day for Tiger fans with the passing of George Kell. If you are a die hard Tigers fan and you are a 30-40’s something you probally remember Kell as a broadcaster more then a player, but a hell of a player he was. I personally remember him calling so many games on T.V. with that smooth southern voice.  I can still hear it today…..”Good afternoon everyone, I’m George Kell along with Al Kaline……



george kell 3.jpg                        George Kell played in the majors in 1943-57. He was with the Tigers in 1946-52, when he was traded to Boston. With the Red Sox, he became teammates with Ted Williams, widely regarded as the greatest hitter ever — and the man whom Kell edged in 1949 for the American League batting title in an excruciatingly close race, .3429 to .3427

.george kell 2.jpg


George Kell seen here getting ready to throw out the first pitch at the ALCS at Comerica Park in 2006.



Igeorge kell 4.jpg

 I love this picture….Kell tags out Dimaggio at Tiger Stadium in a game during the 1946 season….Great shot!

Kell was a 10 time all-star, who finished his career with a .306 avg.  I never got the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kell, but everyone who talks about him only has the kindest things to say. A true gentleman. You will be missed.











Porcello’s Time Is Now

Sometimes I think people make to much out of someone’s age. Rick Porcello has been playing baseball since he can remember. He is young, and he is gifted. And if this was the year 1955, he would be with big club.

What’s changed? To much actually. Al Kaline debut June 25, 1953, at the ripe ol age of 19. I think he did pretty well. Bob Feller started at 18 years old with incredible stuff. Mickey Mantle at the age of 20….the list goes on.

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James both were starring in the NBA and they couldn’t even legally drink!! My point is this…..Baseball has changed so much and not all for the better. Sometimes I really believe these guys OVERTHINK THINGS and don’t let natural instinct take over. Players make ALOT more money these days, and Porcello is a big INVESTMENT, besides being a player, but I think this kid is ready.  He could be the number 5 starter on this team.

Porcello, ranked the No. 21 prospect by Baseball America, is the best Tigers prospect since Cameron Maybin, who was traded to the Marlins in a deal that brought Miguel Cabrera and Willis to Detroit in December 2007.



WBC Let’s Tigers Show Off The Future

 Well I’m not big on this World Baseball Classic thingy, but I’m trying to be optimistic, I get to see the Tigers kids of the future.

It is kinda wierd watchin a game without…..well…EVERYONE!! No Granderson, Guillen, Miggy, Maggs,…..but it is showing Tiger Town there are some prime guys sittin on the Tigers bench.

Jeff Larish being the man of the moment. Larish was a roll player last year in a disappointing season for the Tigers. This year he is turning a lot of heads with some extended playing time, and should get a lot more time with the big club this year.

Brent Clevlen and Clete Thomas also are young upcoming outfielders with promising futures, that definitely add depth.


Australia won big today. I guess if the USA didn’t win, I would pull for the Aussies!!  I just watched the movie Australia, if the Drover is playin, they have a shot!!!!





World Baseball Classic….Nice Idea, Bad Timing

Spring training. In the 1940’s and 50’s players used to use this time to get in shape. Now ball players are in shape, workin out all year long. The game has changed. So have salaries. Which brings me to my point.

As a Tigers fan, I know I will be holding my breath every time Miggy,or Maggs slides into second, or gets hit by a pitched ball. And I’m sure so will G.M. Dave Dombrowski.

Is this whole thing really necessary? Are these just glorified All-Star games, or will the players be going all out for their countries?  I do realize a player could get hurt at any time, but this is supposed to be the time to get in shape, make roster moves, etc. It wouldn’t be good to see one of your star players getting injured in an exibition game. Especially at the beginning of the season, which makes me wonder…..Why do they play this World Classic now?

Why not in November, or December? Then if someone did get hurt, at least they would have a few months to recover. I don’t know maybe it’s just me….But this Classic has all the feel of the NFL Pro-bowl.  It sounds good, until somethin goes bad.

Let’s just hope no one gets injured!!! 

Just Idle Ramblings…..

Sorry I know this is a blog mainly about baseball, but my mind is fried after actually watching the “news” on CNN. I use the term news loosley….

—They just spent a whole hour on the singer Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together. WHAT? THIS IS NEWS?? HE BEAT HER, RIGHT?!? So….. IF he did beat her, why is he not in jail? They take everyone on COPS to jail, why not him?


—Is Manny Ramirez really upset that the Dodgers ONLY offered him $20 million a year? Only 20 Million…..Poor guy.


—Advice to Octomom……Do the Porn!!! Take the money…..The media will find someone else to follow around soon, and believe it or not you will be yesterdays news, go make your million!


—Is Casey Anthony crazy??….I heard her interview tapes…..sad. I do feel sorry for her parents…


—It’s about time baseball got their own channel!! The MLB Network is awesome!!


OK thats it……less then 30 days till it counts…..can’t wait!!!

Stimulus Plan? …..Hmmmm

Stimulus plan? How can I save some money? How can I MAKE some money? That’s all we hear about these days. And in this day and age with the dollar at an all time low, and more people out of work than ever, not many people want to blow $5 on a cup of coffee.

Just ask Starbucks. Having to lower prices and give sweet deals just to try to stay in business. Well Starbucks….the competition just got a little more interesting.

Introducing The Grand View Topless Coffee Shop. Yes, I said Topless. Better be careful on those re-fills girls.

The “Grand View” (Very fitting name) shop is located in the tiny city of Vassalboro, Maine. (POP. 4,500) Of course they have there critics, but in these extreme economic times I personally find this to be a stroke of genius.

Sex sells. Or in this case, partially nude men and women. Opening a business in this day and age is more of a risk then ever. Especially a coffee shop, which are a dime a dozen. But I have a funny feeling that this coffee shop will be around for a while.

Considering over 150 people applied for a job at the shop when they only needed to fill 10 positions!  WOW!!  






















Tiger Stadium……How I Miss Thee

Thumbnail image for TigerStadiumaction.jpgIt’s It’s hard for me to watch a game at Fenway, or Wrigley. It makes me happy yet sad. I hope for the die-hards in those cities they never decide to build a “New Wrigley” or a ‘New Fenway”, because trust me……..it’s not the same. Its been 10 years of the new tiger stadium and I still don’t care for it.

(And of course in this day and age where a pitcher with career record under .500 can get 5 million a year, we need a sponser to name the stadium!!! Gotta make up some money somehow!!….) 

Yes Comerica Park is a “nice” stadium, modern if you will. (If modern means its designed like every other stadium now) I find it cold. What was so unique and special about Tiger Stadium is long gone. Comerica Park looks just like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and a handful of new stadiums. There is nothing unique about them at all.

Goin to Wrigley reminds me of old-time baseball. The fans are right up close with the action. It’s awesome!! I have to plan a trip this year to wrigley or fenway!!

At Comerica Park if you are in the upper deck, especially by the foul poles, the players look like ants!!

 So nearing your 10 year anniversary Comerica Park, I must say I still yearn for Tiger Stadium, I will try to attend my usual 10 to 15 games this season and pull for my Tigers, hoping they can get a postseason spot, but I will always miss the action on the corner of Michigan and Trumbull. 

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